Some extra pictures by Art de Nancy

Some new ‘belly’-pictures by Nancy. Be sure to visit her webspace, her photographs are beautiful!

Goodbye TWCS

This has been in effect for a few weeks already, but I keep forgetting to post ;) Since a few weeks ago The Writer’s Coffee Shop and me have parted ways. There no longer was a need for me to help and thus it was decided. It was a fun time and I got to […]

Thorial, the friendly ghost

Thorial was dressed up as a little ghost for his Auntie Elena’s big 18th Birthday Bash. You have to admit, he looks like Casper a bit ;) (the scared look is ‘because ghosts are scared of flashes’)

Wishlist of cute stuff :)

Stuff we saw, and found cute for a baby ;) (fingers crossed the links will keep working!)  Game of Thrones, child friendly version!  DRUM SOLO!!! ;)  Sheldon would be proud :)  One size fits all Jawa!  Who doesn’t like a baby dragon..

Little update

Baby is doing well and growing strong :) A little bigger even than expected at this stage, so that’s good too. A lot of squirming around in the belly, so my stomach is none too happy lately ;)