Baby guessing game :)

As promised, a guessing game! Guess the following: birth date gender weight height if you really, really want to: name Now, some extra information to help you all out ;) The due date according to doctors and hospital is December 26th, 2012 Dad, Jonas, was born on the 9th of November 1985 (9 days early), […]


Dit is het stikmachientje dat mijn nieuwste hobby moet helpen tot een goed einde te brengen ;) Poging 1 was al een kleine frustratie, poging 2 komt er dra aan :D Zodra ik iets nuttigs te tonen heb, post ik het!


Baby on the way! You can find several pictures here already and ETA is December 2012 :) Next up is a little competition where you can guess the exact date of birth, the weight, the height and gender of baby :) You can guess for the name too, but it won’t count since we didn’t […]



Okay, so this site is made mostly to give insight into the hobbies I have and how I progress in those :D For now, there aren’t many, but a few might be added ;) I might also share some updates on how life is going in general and what my crazy pair of cats are up […]