New shower installed

Tested and approved! And we are very happy with it :)

Replacing the shower

So, when your shower decides to break down, you need to replace it. In a household with two working parents and two rather small children, with occasionally a third kid,  and a lot of other small things on the agenda, this takes a while to accomplish! I broke down the old shower, cleared away all […]

Broken shower…

To our great amazement, we came home to find our shower with a shattered side panel…    We now have three shower options in the house, and none of them are viable options: one was there when buying the house, but hasn’t been used in quite some years because of a leak somewhere we installed […]

Gardening, the hard way ;)

So this weekend we are working in the garden! Adding more soil to level it, making sure there is space to put said soil :D   Removing our gravel for the time being           Tyrgen being very helpful         The new soil being delivered         […]

Plastering the wall (part2): breaking down stuff

This is the part were we could be of assistance: getting the paper off the wall, and  removing the glue that makes the replastering not stick :( Not a fun job, a very dirty job even, but hey, it has to be done!     Piece of wall still in original state       […]

Facts 2016 Spring Edition

We attend Facts (October-edition) every year with Elanor, and we love going. This time, a new Spring edition was launched. Elanor was not attending, so we decided to go on our own! Just one day, and only with the baby :) The other boys were having fun at their grandparents!   Several queue options, not […]