Skirt – the sequel

Almost there :) And it fitted on first try!!!!

Grandmas waffles!

He loves grandmas homemade waffles!

Little pig


My first time attending the #BGGD62. It was very eye opening and I met a lot of new girl geeks :) Thank you @Samsung_BE and @bnox for organising and inviting!


Pacifier foods

Yep, he had a big bottle, and still manages to try and swallow his pacifier completely ;)

Renovations: the music room

So we went a little further in building the music room. My father had already started on the frame, but the rest was up to us. So my father in law came over to help build the separating wall between music room and ‘pantry’.   The finished wall (for now, there is some electricity needed […]

Three generations at play

Moeke and Tyrgen

Pushing Carts

Almost finished skirt!