Skirt – the sequel

Almost there :) And it fitted on first try!!!!

Almost finished skirt!

Skirt to be – piping

The new skirt fabric

Back to class!

So I went back to my sewing class after my stint of ‘being ill at home for weeks with mono’ I deftly made my pattern and then wanted to put it ot the fabric I had purchased! And then we found out I had about 10 cms les than I need :( I don’t know […]

Thorials new pencil case -> home made!

When Thorial went to an extra dance class, and needed to take pencils, scissors, glue, … I decided he needed a new pencil case. And since I can now handle myself a little bit on a sewing machine, I wanted to make it myself! This is the end result, and I must say, I’m rather […]

I made something!!

So I was finally able to finish something in my sewing cleans and I’m very pleased with myself. It’s a bag for my scissors!   and my apron is almost ready too :) I felt so good, I started another scissor bag as a gift for my mom!  


Dit is het stikmachientje dat mijn nieuwste hobby moet helpen tot een goed einde te brengen ;) Poging 1 was al een kleine frustratie, poging 2 komt er dra aan :D Zodra ik iets nuttigs te tonen heb, post ik het!