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Butterfly garden (3/365)

Garden update

A little bit of an update next to the playtower in the garden, just so there is a spot where they can leave their shoes and socks in a tidy manner, and not just in the dirt :)        And then it seems there was a zucchini plant, that decided to choose where to […]

Adding to the garden

We made the children very happy this weekend! The grandparents came to help us set up their play tower with a slide and sandbox :) When it was still in the garage, Tyrgen was already saying thank you, because he recognized the slide ;)    Set up, and in use by our little reader ;) […]

Our garden in spring 2016

Our trees are flowering, and we can see fruit starting to form:      All our berries are starting up too:     

Renovations: some gardening, new step, new tiles for the extra kitchen

Yes, we finally got some more visible things done ;) In the garden, we added some pebbles into one of the patches and repotted some plants to put there! We also moved our two little statues ;) More things will be done, but in a while ;) The new step for our door: Still drying, […]

Gardening, the hard way ;)

So this weekend we are working in the garden! Adding more soil to level it, making sure there is space to put said soil :D   Removing our gravel for the time being           Tyrgen being very helpful         The new soil being delivered         […]