Behekst Diksmuide

Every year we go to Behekst Diksmuide, the most fun of Halloween events I have done by far! We are there braiding hair mostly, and loving it! And of course, enjoying the atmosphere. This year we were in the park, and it was quite magical! Some pictures to convince you to come next year ;) […]

Cooking on a Saturday

After a week of being quite under the weather, I was home alone with the two little boys on Saturday. There isn’t much you can do then, but cooking is possible! So I did just that :D I started it up with a few pots and noticed I had an open fire! So I added […]

Mama Miracoli (17/365)

Swimming in the pool!

Thûrins godfather had set a date for a superbe Beach-BBQ-party. Sad part, a few days ahead of time the weather gods were not being very polite and it was switched to a Boardgame-Lasagna-party :D No worries for us, we like it all ;) We did have the concern that Tyrgen would want to swim, so […]

New reading material (8/365)

Refurbishing project

I wanted to just strenghten one part of the bottom of the chest, but when starting work on it, I immediately saw that that board was eaten up on the inside… So I tore it off, and replaced it, then decided to do the same with the whole bottom ;) Still some work to do: […]

Facts 2016 Spring Edition

We attend Facts (October-edition) every year with Elanor, and we love going. This time, a new Spring edition was launched. Elanor was not attending, so we decided to go on our own! Just one day, and only with the baby :) The other boys were having fun at their grandparents!   Several queue options, not […]

Cooking for friends!

The menu: Coquilles on a bed of broccoli mousse and grey shrimp sauce Roasted Butternut squash soup Turkey Orloff with vegetable tower and a sauce of watercress Panna Cotta with Crushed raspberries and raspberry coulis Everything turned out very well, but we didn’t take pictures :) Next time! Since these things will be served again […]

Skirt – the sequel

Almost there :) And it fitted on first try!!!!


My first time attending the #BGGD62. It was very eye opening and I met a lot of new girl geeks :) Thank you @Samsung_BE and @bnox for organising and inviting!