Almost finished skirt!

Skirt to be – piping

Dinner by Jonas


Thorial has been asking about stars and everything for a long time, so when the volunteers of were out and about to show you the stars, I decided to take him there! We saw Jupiter and a galaxy (no pictures, sorry ;p ) and had a lot of fun. He was full of questions and […]

Music maestro

And while I was roughing up the garden, the boys (and girl) were making music and entertaining the children with it :)

Garden works

I dove into the garden again now that winter seems to have never come for a visit and warmer days are here again. I’m trying to make a parting down the garden so I can start filling up with soil next to the chickens to build my vegetable garden and plant my raspberries and other […]

The new skirt fabric

Dinner by me :D

Roasted Butternut Squash soup. Made this Friday eve, and loved it! We followed up with nice steak and homemode sauces, cooking help for the steak by Jonas :)  

Music room that breaks?

So Jonas decided to finally move the cupboard from upstairs to the music room. He needed something there to store a computer, a screen etc Sadly, while working on this, he hurt his back! The man has to suffer for his hobby ;) This is the intermediate result until we build more walls :D

Back to class!

So I went back to my sewing class after my stint of ‘being ill at home for weeks with mono’ I deftly made my pattern and then wanted to put it ot the fabric I had purchased! And then we found out I had about 10 cms les than I need :( I don’t know […]