New achievement!

Yesterday daddy was playing around with Tyrgen and was showing him (while shopping for groceries) to stick his arms in the air ‘like a champion’. He seemed to enjoy it. Later that evening, I’m sitting with Tyrgen on my lap, and he suddenly starts waving his pacifier around (it’s on one of those cords to […]

Heat wave

Today the weather was officially declared a heat wave (well duh!) and it doesn’t seem to be letting up any time soon. The promised rain falls everywhere except at my location :) It’s fun to have nice weather, but being able to sleep without feeling like a wet washcloth all the time would be fine […]

Watch out, Teeth coming through!

Hurrah! The first tooth has broken through, after a few weeks of crying, fever and general annoyance, the first one is here :) Lets hope the rest will follow soon so baby can eat like a big boy!

The gardenworks, hardcore!

Last Saturday we threw ourselves into garden works again. The weather was warm but overcast, so ideal for this kind of work! And we had ourselves some big tools to help break down the old swimming pool :) This is what it looks like after some heavey lifting and a few trips to throw away […]

Chicken addition

With many thanks to our friend, we have another feathery pall joining Ren and Stimpy (our red-brown chickens). No name has been decided on just yet! They seem to be getting along (it was a bit crowded when there were 3 more chickens and 1 rooster visiting, they left after one night luckily ;) ) […]

7 months and sitting like a boss!

Look at me while shopping with mum and dad :)

Dinner with Eiblin en Maarten

We were at it again, cooking against the clock :) Our menu: Little snacks with home-made  Guacamole  and some cheese cubes. Two amuse-bouche: Broccolimousse with Jambon Ganda and Smoked Salon on a bed of salad. As a hot entree we had Coquilles St Jacques and Mushroomhats with a Salmon-Leek filling in a bassin of Leek […]

Bendy baby!

This is how he fell asleep… I’ve tried to get him to sleep in a comfy bed, in a normal position, and it all failed, but when I put him down to play, he just sleeps…

Ill little boy :(

Our little man was ill last week with a cough and a nasty fever to accompany it… But it gave me a very cute picture of him, sitting next to mommy in the sofa, and falling asleep like that. I guess he was cofortable?

Cooking for Tina and Wim

Our friends came to visit, so we decided to throw ourselves into cooking again. Both Jonas and me like to cook and try new stuff (with ingredients we like :D) so yesterday we were at it again! We decided on a mainly Italian team. Antipasti: Charentais melon pieces with fine Italian meats (Coppa di Parma, […]