Garden works!

Today was a good day for garden work, not too hot but also not raining. My parents and Jonas’ parents came around to help. The bricks in the pond were beaten into smaller pieces, part of the terrace was broken down and put aside for later use, the tree was taken down and a big […]

Living room – with cabinets :)

And here it is, our finished living room (okay, there is nothing in the cabinets yet, but there will be soon :D) All that is left now to take downstairs is Tyrgens baby box and put down the rug. And of course make sure the television connection works ;)

Living room update

Yay, I got the dvd cabinets and the sofa downstairs (thank you mom) and those are set up. The cabinets will be done this evening :D The plants have been moved too (they’ll enjoy the light after having a ‘dusky’ room at best since February :D ) After that, we need to check the tv-signal […]

Breaking down the pond

It’s not an easy task…. People got wet, people sat down in the pond… It was ugly, but it had to be done… After a few hours of hard work, all the ‘greens’ were put aside on top of what used to be the swimming pool to dry out before getting kicked off the property. […]

Remodeling update!

With many thanks to my daddy with shitloads of skills, we now have a sitting room downstairs that no longer has disheveled walls!! Just to remind you, this was the original setup: This was just after tearing down the non-functional fireplace: All that is now left to do for me: get the cabinets set up […]

Collection of pictures of Tyrgen

Channeling Joey ;) ‘How you doin´grandma ‘   Nerdy times with aunty Elena Laybrinth rules :) I’m a lumberjack and I’m okay It is I, Leclerc!

6 months!

My baby boy has reached 6 months :) He’s a smiler, only slightly unhappy when he wants to be fed (well, who wouldn’t be unhappy then!) and an eager little learner. He is trying to sit alone now,      and he walks around in his little cart being a menace to anything at knee-height […]


Thorial had a fun weekend celebrating his ‘Lentefeest’. First we went out for a fancy lunch.   He got loads of gifts and cards.   And played around with little friends in an indoor plaground :)   And then we went for a BBQ in the evening!   On Sunday there was the ceremony.   […]

Belated Mothers Day gift

Yay! I got a belated Mothers Day gift and I love it! I can’t wait to fill it up with loads and loads of books! However, this does not mean my love for the paper book is diminished, rather that it’s too heavy to drag around 4 books all the time just ‘to have something […]

Dance lesson

Thorial always seems to be dancing and singing along with music, so we decided when there was a free tryout at the local dance school to go there with him and see how he would like it. This is him trying moves: And a small video: ThorialDancing He seems to love it a lot, although […]