Sharing is caring (66/365)

Shopping together (64/365)

Two little blondes (58/365)

Pushing each other around (56/365)

Copycat (32/365)

Happy boys (29/365)

Update stitches

So, our little boy had his stitches removed, first tears when the ‘band aids’ were removed, but he let the doctor continue! And then the stitches, big tears and crying that it hurt, kicking feet a bit, but all in all holding still so the doctor could remove them! Cried a little after because of […]

Little hands (22/365)


Today the school called me, to tell me Tyrgen had fallen and needed to see a doctor… So what happened? It seems he tripped (not getting straight info about tripping on air, a mat or just his own feet) and bumped into a trolley nearby. Nice little gash right above the eye. Before:    After: […]

Swimming in the pool!

Thûrins godfather had set a date for a superbe Beach-BBQ-party. Sad part, a few days ahead of time the weather gods were not being very polite and it was switched to a Boardgame-Lasagna-party :D No worries for us, we like it all ;) We did have the concern that Tyrgen would want to swim, so […]