Playing together (9/365)

Bedtime story (7/365)

Sleeping princes

How our boys sleep on these hot nights…   


So, Tyrgen had his first ‘lets play ball’ session yesterday, and it was focused on basketball (the other focus is volleybal). He was liking it, but needing a lot of encouragement from mom and dad (and us actually going along with the excercices -> sports for us!) Thorial also joined, and had the time of […]

Playing together (1/365)

First day of 2nd kindergarten class

Happy to go back, and enjoying the class with his new teacher!!    And Witse is back again too :)   

Walking boys


Exploring the new class

Opendeurdag op school, dus op verkenning in het nieuwe klasje, samen met de kleine broer :)      



We took the boys to the local fair, where Tyrgen had his first spin in the ‘botsauto’ -> picture right before a rather bumpy collision (and he was smiling a lot less…) And Thûrin waiting to go fish for duckies They both got a prize after fishing for duckies and were happy :) Tyrgen however […]