Our garden in spring 2016

Our trees are flowering, and we can see fruit starting to form:      All our berries are starting up too:     

Little renovations here and there

We got our new fridge!! I’m so happy with it :) Now we just need to attach the water and filter, and we are fully up and running ;) And we also are ‘pimping’ the laundry room and the garage a bit. New tiles in both location for the bare steps that were there.   […]

Day of the sports club

We had a fun day with the kids, trying out all kinds of different sports. I even played badminton while carrying Thûrin in the babysling ;) Tyrgen tried out the Multimove together with Thorial, and he actually did stuff we didn’t expect him to try! They also tried ‘Korfbal’, Thorial was a big fan :)     […]

Our little man can walk!

A bit wobbly still, be he can do it :D   

Renovations: some gardening, new step, new tiles for the extra kitchen

Yes, we finally got some more visible things done ;) In the garden, we added some pebbles into one of the patches and repotted some plants to put there! We also moved our two little statues ;) More things will be done, but in a while ;) The new step for our door: Still drying, […]

Mothers Day 2016

The kids got me some wonderful presents this year. Thank you my 3 little ones! A mirror with picture from Thûrin (up left), a hand-flower from Tyrgen (down left)  and a nice drawing and letter (down right) from Thorial! Jonas also got me the nice flowers and a little game: