Walking boys


Exploring the new class

Opendeurdag op school, dus op verkenning in het nieuwe klasje, samen met de kleine broer :)      

Thûrin being silly

In between accidents, he can just be down right silly and entertaining ;)   

Bumps and Bruises Pt2

Oh yes, but now, they are not all his own fault… Brother put a chair on his foot and sat on it :s And then big brother decided to build a wall of boxes and chairs and stand jumping on top of a large footstool with the little one, who of course, fell off and […]



We took the boys to the local fair, where Tyrgen had his first spin in the ‘botsauto’ -> picture right before a rather bumpy collision (and he was smiling a lot less…) And Thûrin waiting to go fish for duckies They both got a prize after fishing for duckies and were happy :) Tyrgen however […]

Refurbishing project

I wanted to just strenghten one part of the bottom of the chest, but when starting work on it, I immediately saw that that board was eaten up on the inside… So I tore it off, and replaced it, then decided to do the same with the whole bottom ;) Still some work to do: […]

Bumps and bruises

Thûrin is really testing the limits of his skin :D He wanted to stand up, but when releasing his hands from the ground, he wasn’t stable yet… Result: red nose and forehead He then proceeded to run into some things. Result: blue stripe on the right cheek and bruising on the left side of his […]

Mothers Day, Kruibeke edition

Big family (not even everyone in the picture!!!) Thûrin playing with Auntie Kim :)

Reading competition local library

There is a reading competition where the children (according to level in school) are asked to read three books (comic, knowledge and a normal book) and answer questions. This is Thorial showing the final book he had to read, right after finishing it (he had it for 1 full day) After you present your questionnaire, […]