Eating solid foods

Daddy coaxing the little one into eating This can be sooooooooooo tiring…. What is this you are trying to give me? It doesn’t matter, I’ll eat it anyway, if you can get the spoon back ;)

Drummer boy!

The feeling still needs some fine tuning ;)

We’re breaking walls here :)

Okay, so this has taken way too long :s But here I am, with a new post :) We are rebuilding in the new house, and now that the kitchen is finished, we have started the living room!     Before       After       Finished Kitchen! Well, mostly. We added another […]


We took Thorial bowling, and he actually was quite good at it. His remark when we entered: I have never done this before, only on the Wii…. -> we need to take him to do more of this stuff I guess :D


This is the outside of where I will be staying in daycare!

Bear suit

This is end of April: and this was Easter ;)  One month difference makes a lot already!