We’re breaking walls here :)

Okay, so this has taken way too long :s But here I am, with a new post :)

We are rebuilding in the new house, and now that the kitchen is finished, we have started the living room!











Finished Kitchen! Well, mostly. We added another big cupboard at the end, next to the other tall one…. I needed more space ;)



First thing that was needed: get the big, ugly, no use fire place broken down…

Big job, but we managed to chop it away in two days! A lot of dust was created (and I had to clean the new kitchen and the dining area) but now it is gone, and we put up plastic to prevent more of such mishaps :)


Next up: clean up the walls and put in electric wiring and think about the shelves we want on said wall! It will hold our tv and all that goes with it, but not the gaming consoles (well, in the beginning they might come along since we aren’t starting the lounge area yet where they will be placed).

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