Tree donated by the commune for Thûrins birth

On Saturday we were invited for a small reception, and to pick up our tree for the birth of Thûrin (we had chosen one in advance last year when our boy was born)   yummy cake       groepsfoto van de vorig jaar geboren kindjes die een boom kwamen halen     It was a […]

Plastering the wall of the hallway (part 1)

There wasn’t supposed to be more than a part 1… But hey, renovating means surprises it seems ;) Before:     wall upstairs, very badly damaged       wall upstairs, very badly damaged     wall downstairs, bad quality but looked good… (looking good doesn’t mean quality…)       wall downstairs, bad quality […]

Finishing the walls of the attics

Finishing touch of the walls: all plastered up! Our future bedroom:           The last window in the roof  is also installed now. If anyone wants the name of my AWESOME ‘roof-guy’ -> give me a yell, and I will point you in the correct direction!             The […]

Renovating the roof (part 3)

So, more roof stuff ;) The new roof from the outside!           The new window in ‘our’ part of the attic     And then they started on the last bit, the walls! (the bad pictures is due to no more lights available and it was getting dark outside :D)   […]