Happy Birthday (61/365)

Sleeping (37/365)

Swimming in the pool!

Thûrins godfather had set a date for a superbe Beach-BBQ-party. Sad part, a few days ahead of time the weather gods were not being very polite and it was switched to a Boardgame-Lasagna-party :D No worries for us, we like it all ;) We did have the concern that Tyrgen would want to swim, so […]

Walking boys


Music room: adding floor and ceiling (part 1)

So on Sunday we also decided to start the ceiling works for the music room: building a frame, adding insulation to the garage ceiling (since we won’t be able to reach it anymore after closing up the ceiling of the music room). It does take some work…           And the floor […]

Music room adjusted

Some new furnishings added, some updated, cleaned the mess again ;)

Renovations: the music room

So we went a little further in building the music room. My father had already started on the frame, but the rest was up to us. So my father in law came over to help build the separating wall between music room and ‘pantry’.   The finished wall (for now, there is some electricity needed […]

Dinner by Jonas

Bike ride in the sun

Today was the first great day of the year, so we decided to go on a bike ride! Thorial was the one who decided to make it a bit longer than we intended, but he was a trooper and made it all on his own and liked it :)


Thank you Jonas :) Springtime in the house!