Brotherly love (71/365)

Happy Birthday (61/365)

Pushing each other around (56/365)

Happy boys (29/365)


So, Tyrgen had his first ‘lets play ball’ session yesterday, and it was focused on basketball (the other focus is volleybal). He was liking it, but needing a lot of encouragement from mom and dad (and us actually going along with the excercices -> sports for us!) Thorial also joined, and had the time of […]

Reading competition local library

There is a reading competition where the children (according to level in school) are asked to read three books (comic, knowledge and a normal book) and answer questions. This is Thorial showing the final book he had to read, right after finishing it (he had it for 1 full day) After you present your questionnaire, […]

Going to the zoo!

After picking up daddy at the airport :), we drove to the zoo, and Tyrgen wanted to see everything, but mostly he wanted to find Nemo (took us a while, but we found him right after finding Dory :D)                They were however quite tired after that, and we were still […]

Adding to the garden

We made the children very happy this weekend! The grandparents came to help us set up their play tower with a slide and sandbox :) When it was still in the garage, Tyrgen was already saying thank you, because he recognized the slide ;)    Set up, and in use by our little reader ;) […]

Day of the sports club

We had a fun day with the kids, trying out all kinds of different sports. I even played badminton while carrying Thûrin in the babysling ;) Tyrgen tried out the Multimove together with Thorial, and he actually did stuff we didn’t expect him to try! They also tried ‘Korfbal’, Thorial was a big fan :)     […]

Pushing Carts