Adding to the garden

We made the children very happy this weekend! The grandparents came to help us set up their play tower with a slide and sandbox :)

When it was still in the garage, Tyrgen was already saying thank you, because he recognized the slide ;)

IMG_7673  IMG_7675

Set up, and in use by our little reader ;) Tyrgen was trying out the slide of course :D

IMG_7693  IMG_7697  IMG_7699

I also noticed that our apple tree, plum tree and cherry tree actually are already fruit bearing! I wasn’t expecting that until next year, or the year after!

IMG_7688  IMG_7689  IMG_7691

And while we were working in the garden, I also asked for (and got) help to put up the new poles for the chickens! The little gate (thanks @Gudrun!) is also installed and all that is left is to put in the fence :)

IMG_7694  IMG_7695

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