Paint! (67/365)

Bedroom floor! (63/365)

Attic renovations – floor

Woo, we have a floor, well, most of it at least :D The sides still need to be finished (coming soon) and then the electricity finished in those pieces that will be a bit of a platform to accomodate the electricity, but we have a level, steady flooring where our furniture will be :D (I […]

Electricity renovations are not easy!

So we keep at it! Almost all cables that start in our future bedroom are done… Thank you dad for helping us out!  New bannister   All the wires go here now…  Safe light switch in the room  And good switches everywhere else for the hall lights!  WIP  

Little renovations here and there

We got our new fridge!! I’m so happy with it :) Now we just need to attach the water and filter, and we are fully up and running ;) And we also are ‘pimping’ the laundry room and the garage a bit. New tiles in both location for the bare steps that were there.   […]

Renovations: some gardening, new step, new tiles for the extra kitchen

Yes, we finally got some more visible things done ;) In the garden, we added some pebbles into one of the patches and repotted some plants to put there! We also moved our two little statues ;) More things will be done, but in a while ;) The new step for our door: Still drying, […]

New shower installed

Tested and approved! And we are very happy with it :)

Replacing the shower

So, when your shower decides to break down, you need to replace it. In a household with two working parents and two rather small children, with occasionally a third kid,  and a lot of other small things on the agenda, this takes a while to accomplish! I broke down the old shower, cleared away all […]

Broken shower…

To our great amazement, we came home to find our shower with a shattered side panel…    We now have three shower options in the house, and none of them are viable options: one was there when buying the house, but hasn’t been used in quite some years because of a leak somewhere we installed […]

Plastering the wall (part2): breaking down stuff

This is the part were we could be of assistance: getting the paper off the wall, and  removing the glue that makes the replastering not stick :( Not a fun job, a very dirty job even, but hey, it has to be done!     Piece of wall still in original state       […]