Swimming in the pool!

Thûrins godfather had set a date for a superbe Beach-BBQ-party. Sad part, a few days ahead of time the weather gods were not being very polite and it was switched to a Boardgame-Lasagna-party :D No worries for us, we like it all ;)

We did have the concern that Tyrgen would want to swim, so Maarten valiantly made sure to heat the pool a bit.

The sun still came out and we moved to the terrace and yes, some kiddo’s and parents jumped into the pool ;) Seems Tyrgen is not afraid to swim around on his own with some aids. Those of us not swimming amused ourselves at the table.

img_8310  img_8312

img_8314  img_8315

The was also a game that is fun to play, but also insanely annoying at times, I can advide you all to play it sometime :D

img_83241 It’s called Codenames.

Thûrin had done a lot of ironing, so in the evening he was tired, but sleeping was not ok, no way until Eiblin got him sleeping in the cutest way ever :) He kept sleeping and was a happy camper ;)

img_8321  img_8322  img_8323

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