Today the school called me, to tell me Tyrgen had fallen and needed to see a doctor… So what happened? It seems he tripped (not getting straight info about tripping on air, a mat or just his own feet) and bumped into a trolley nearby. Nice little gash right above the eye.


img_83931  img_83941


img_83971  img_83981

My little guy was quite the champ, no crying until the 3rde pinprick of the needle to sedate a bit, and then only some whining and a few tears. No moving or jerking away! When getting stitched, same reaction: tears and whining, but not pulling away, just letting the doctor do his job!

And when he could choose two toys, he chose the second one for his big brother! And he did the same right after when he was allowed a balloon (he asked a second one for his big brother).

Reasoning behind choosing stuff for his big brother? Because he kicked and screamed when being stitched up a few years ago :D

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