Dinner with Eiblin en Maarten

We were at it again, cooking against the clock :)

Our menu:

Little snacks with home-made  Guacamole  and some cheese cubes.

Two amuse-bouche: Broccolimousse with Jambon Ganda and Smoked Salon on a bed of salad.

As a hot entree we had Coquilles St Jacques and Mushroomhats with a Salmon-Leek filling in a bassin of Leek coulis.

The main dish was an adapted version of our previously made menu: Grilled  Beef Tenderloin with a Parsley cream sauce , Potatoes in the peel and a fresh salad.

The dessert was a try-out with little hope to succeed, and it didn’t :) Crème brûlée with apples. No pictures, because it looked more like a soup ;) I will try this again, because I would love to be able to make a Crème Brûlée. But this will need a good amount of investigation and testing to find the recipe that works for me ! For this purpose, I will gift myself with a little gasburner to melt the sugartopping ;)

I would say: on to our next possibility to exhibit our cooking skills :D

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