Tree donated by the commune for Thûrins birth

On Saturday we were invited for a small reception, and to pick up our tree for the birth of Thûrin (we had chosen one in advance last year when our boy was born)   yummy cake       groepsfoto van de vorig jaar geboren kindjes die een boom kwamen halen     It was a […]

Garden works

I dove into the garden again now that winter seems to have never come for a visit and warmer days are here again. I’m trying to make a parting down the garden so I can start filling up with soil next to the chickens to build my vegetable garden and plant my raspberries and other […]

It’s been a while!

And lots has happened. I started dance class, and yay, I like and still have some ‘souplesse’ left in my body ;) Sewing lessons have restarted too, and I am retaking the first year since I feel I missed too much because of the pregnancy and want to do this right :) And then there […]

The gardenworks, hardcore!

Last Saturday we threw ourselves into garden works again. The weather was warm but overcast, so ideal for this kind of work! And we had ourselves some big tools to help break down the old swimming pool :) This is what it looks like after some heavey lifting and a few trips to throw away […]

Garden works!

Today was a good day for garden work, not too hot but also not raining. My parents and Jonas’ parents came around to help. The bricks in the pond were beaten into smaller pieces, part of the terrace was broken down and put aside for later use, the tree was taken down and a big […]

Breaking down the pond

It’s not an easy task…. People got wet, people sat down in the pond… It was ugly, but it had to be done… After a few hours of hard work, all the ‘greens’ were put aside on top of what used to be the swimming pool to dry out before getting kicked off the property. […]