It’s been a while!

And lots has happened.

I started dance class, and yay, I like and still have some ‘souplesse’ left in my body ;)

Sewing lessons have restarted too, and I am retaking the first year since I feel I missed too much because of the pregnancy and want to do this right :)

And then there was some renovations inbetween all the rest :D

This was the result of  our weekend in the garden:

We are levelling everything and putting the excess rubble and sand into a big pit the neighbours need filled! Thank you kind neighbours! There still is some left to do ;)

In the back against the brick wall there will be a small greenhouse and between that and the garden shed there will be a small garden patch with a little rocky wall. The wall will be used as a support system for small fruit bushes!

This is where the basket ball court will come, it will also serve as a location for kiddy pool etc ;)

Between the garden shed and the basket ball court there will be grass and maybe a fruit tree.


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