I want to break ….. a leg?

How to give your mommy a heart attack…. Instead of just walking, you crawl into your little cart and jump on it….

14 months old, selfie with mommy

Coming soon!!

Woo, gifts!!!

So I come home, and there’s this envelope in my mailbox! Curious me immediately scans for identification, and woooooooooooo! Gifts from the Soap Barista :) They smell amazing!!!   Go buy some yourself!  http://thesoapbarista.com/


Daddy trying to teach our little man to use drum sticks… After, his words were ‘I think he’s more of a swordfighter than a drummer….’

May the Force be with him….

Thorials awesome new in house slippers!!! Daddy found them :D    

Dinner by me :D

Roasted Butternut Squash soup. Made this Friday eve, and loved it! We followed up with nice steak and homemode sauces, cooking help for the steak by Jonas :)  

It’s about time…

I have been thinking about doing this for a long time, and now I finally decided not to postpone anymore, but just do. I see the disease with friends and people I care about, and I know that I could make a difference someday. In honour of all those that battled, are still battling or […]

Helping daddy sleep!

Picking locks!