Castle (42/365)

Rainbow (41/365)

Morning faces(40/365)

Song (39/365)

Thûrin in his bath cape

Thûrin got this from his godmother/auntie Elena/mitteke when born, it was a bit big then. Now and again, I try it on for size, and it was always too big! Now, it was suddenly a bit on the small side :s This kid…

Moon (38/365)

Cooking on a Saturday

After a week of being quite under the weather, I was home alone with the two little boys on Saturday. There isn’t much you can do then, but cooking is possible! So I did just that :D I started it up with a few pots and noticed I had an open fire! So I added […]

Cat wants to play

Sleeping (37/365)

Pumpkin (36/365)