May the Force be with him….

Thorials awesome new in house slippers!!! Daddy found them :D    


Thorial was watching Zingaburia, and Tyrgen seemed to be mildly interested too :)

Brotherly Bath Time

A long walk…

So we decided to participate in the local ‘sneukeltocht’, a nice walk in the neighbourhood with some assignments for the kids to do. Well, it was muddy, lasted for two hours and man, it was a bit less leisurely strolling than we had expected, but we had fun :D  

Thorials new pencil case -> home made!

When Thorial went to an extra dance class, and needed to take pencils, scissors, glue, … I decided he needed a new pencil case. And since I can now handle myself a little bit on a sewing machine, I wanted to make it myself! This is the end result, and I must say, I’m rather […]

Ice skating!

Thorial has been ice skating before, and he liked it, so we decided to take him to the special Christmas holiday ice skating, outside and on the old market square. He had a little bit of trouble holding himself upright :) But after a few tries He was even jumping! I was on the sidelines, […]


Thorial chose the colours, we painted the walls… This is a preview :)


Thorial had a fun weekend celebrating his ‘Lentefeest’. First we went out for a fancy lunch.   He got loads of gifts and cards.   And played around with little friends in an indoor plaground :)   And then we went for a BBQ in the evening!   On Sunday there was the ceremony.   […]

Dance lesson

Thorial always seems to be dancing and singing along with music, so we decided when there was a free tryout at the local dance school to go there with him and see how he would like it. This is him trying moves: And a small video: ThorialDancing He seems to love it a lot, although […]

Drummer boy!

The feeling still needs some fine tuning ;)