one week after delivery, update

Today I encountered my scale again for the first time since giving birth.

In the hospital they followed up on my blood pressure, weight and temp each day (sometimes several times a day). My peak in weight was 100 kg, not too shabby for my usual eating habits and being pregnant ;) I expected it to be loads more :D

And today the scale was almost friendly! I am at 89 kg already (yay, means it’m already almost at my weight from before the pregancy! No clue as to how that happened :s ) I was not aiming to lose weight anytime soon and/or fast, so this is a nice surprise :) And since I am still retaining water, I think I’ll make my ‘before’ weight soon enough :) and we’ll see after that, it’s not an immediate concern.

All is well as far I am told, so yay for baby and me :) Hope this continues on for a bit ;) The only negative point: the allergy that started in the hospital is still here, and getting worse. And nothing I can do that won’t affect baby boy :( Just have to wait it out as much as I can.

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