2013 has arrived

And normally a new year that stars means: “What are your good intentions for the New Year” or “Remembering the last year and what happened” So here it goes ;)

First of all: Happy New Year to all, may it be a great year with all you can wish for to make you happy!


Good intentions: Read more, make time for fun stuff, take good care of my baby boy and my two other boys :)


Last year: I’ll remember it as a year of changes, of friendships forged, but also sadly lost, of moving on to other things and trying not to be too scared to take the first tentative step. Moving on and moving forward, and I hope to continue that this year. It’s never easy, whatever happens, but the least we can do is try our best.


What will be happening in the near future:

– move to the new house (trying not to look around right now at all the stuff that still needs packing ;) )

– starting a new job! This will be a challenge for sure, but I think I’ll be up for it after the maternity leave!

– watching our little man grow a bit every day :) And getting scared when he starts crawling and putting stuff in his mouth ;) and seeing how the brothers interact and get to know each other!

– being creative with needle and thread :D

– ….

Ps: watching the Hobbit movie is high on the list too ;)

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