Renovating the roof (part 2)

A little sooner then we expected after the initial discussions, our roof is being replaced already! The weather is good (no rain or stuff falling from the skies) so they started right after the insulation of the first part!

dak The tiles have been partially removed here already… They will also remove most of the beams and replace them with new ones. The old ones have been partially eaten by bugs, so it wasn’t safe to keep those!


Byebye roof….




This was the wood structure of our roof ;)




Our street, view from our ‘terrace on the roof’





You can see the ‘window’ to the childrens attic.





Big beams!!!





The new structure.



2016-02-25 (1)


Part of the insulation done.




The new tiles before they get on the roof :)




More will happen after the weekend! I’ll make a seperate post ;)

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