Testing a vacuumcleaner thanks to The Insiders!

I was one happy camper when my vacuum cleaner died on me and that same week I got selected to test another one!

The vacuum cleaner I am testing, is a Philips PowerPro Ultimate. I was a bit sceptic, since it was one without a bag, but it surprised me! It works smooth and is very maneuverable, which comes in handy with two small children in the house ;) And also: it’s so silent compared to the others I have used! This is great, I can even do the hallway when the kids are asleep!

Also something I really like: attaching the hose to the main part again. On my previous vacuum, this broke almost instantly, but here it feels sturdy and hasn’t broken yet ;) So far, I would say I’m impressed with this test!

Some pictures of the assembled vacuum cleaner in my slightly messy kitchen:

IMG_7976  IMG_7977

The extra parts:


And some of its action on my cats crabpole (which was a real mess!)


IMG_7988  IMG_7989

IMG_7990  IMG_7991


IMG_8021[1]  IMG_8022[1]


And even though I was sceptic at first, being without a bag, isn’t too bad so far :D

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