Sleeping princes

How our boys sleep on these hot nights…   

Not so happy (4/365)

Reading a book (2/365)

Playing together (1/365)

15 months of Thûrin

  Sitting on sleeping big brother   Smiley boy  Tongue in cheek

Walking boys


Exploring the new class

Opendeurdag op school, dus op verkenning in het nieuwe klasje, samen met de kleine broer :)      

Thûrin being silly

In between accidents, he can just be down right silly and entertaining ;)   

Bumps and Bruises Pt2

Oh yes, but now, they are not all his own fault… Brother put a chair on his foot and sat on it :s And then big brother decided to build a wall of boxes and chairs and stand jumping on top of a large footstool with the little one, who of course, fell off and […]