Thûrin in his bath cape

Thûrin got this from his godmother/auntie Elena/mitteke when born, it was a bit big then. Now and again, I try it on for size, and it was always too big! Now, it was suddenly a bit on the small side :s This kid…

Sleeping (37/365)

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Little hands (22/365)

16 maanden!

Hij wordt groot, onze baby… Eigenlijk een flinke peuter al, die momenteel woordjes bijna verstaanbaar herhaalt en minder en minder wijst en ‘uhuh’ zegt… Ze worden zo snel groot!

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Swimming in the pool!

Thûrins godfather had set a date for a superbe Beach-BBQ-party. Sad part, a few days ahead of time the weather gods were not being very polite and it was switched to a Boardgame-Lasagna-party :D No worries for us, we like it all ;) We did have the concern that Tyrgen would want to swim, so […]

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